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Feel MAJESTIC with this intriguingly complex rich amber and juicy orange aroma, blended with warm vanilla, vetiver, and pepper.
Top: Driftwood, Oud, Amber
Juniper, Mandarin, Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli
Tobacco, Incense, Vanilla, Vetiver, Olibanum
Contains Essential Oils of Clove Bud from Indonesia, Juniper Berry Fruit from Italy and Central Europe, Black Pepper Seed from India, Orange Peel from Brazil, Patchouli from Indonesia, Grapefruit Peel from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Belize, Vetiver Root from Haiti, Lavender from France, Thyme Flower/Leaf, Bergamot Fruit from Italy, Nutmeg Kernel from Indonesia, Lemon Peel from Germany, Argentina, Brazil, and South Africa,  Guaiac Wood from Paraguay, Resin from Spain,  Evergreen Tree from the Philippines, Galbanum Resin from France, + Cedarwood
Infused With: Red Agate Crystals and 24k Gold flakes
Crystal qualities:
​RED AGATE (stone of inner stability)
Agate promotes inner stability, composure, and maturity. The fire-red color represents the flames of passion in life. the passionate energy of Red Agate helps to instill a newfound sense of enthusiasm for everything.
  • sparks creativity
  • radiates energy that energizes the heart and mind.
  • shields and cleanses negative energy
  • improves concentration
  • aids in self-empowerment
  • promotes grounding energy 

227g (8oz)- Up to 60 hours of burn time

OG Apothecary is a modern apothecary and ultimate wellness lifestyle brand that provides you with aromatherapy, skincare, crystals, lifestyle, self care products and much more. Our products are carefully selected and handcrafted by us and by people around the world from the finest all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. We also strive to provide eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.
OG Apothecary was born with the idea of bring back ancient medicines into todays world and make it accessible for everyone to enjoy and benefit from all the healing properties elevating their mind, body, and soul everyday.

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