OG Chakra Box
OG Chakra Box
OG Chakra Box
OG Chakra Box
OG Chakra Box
OG Chakra Box

OG Chakra Box

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Everything you need to align, heal, and activate your Chakras in one Box. Includes ours Chakra candle which is exclusive to this box only.

Included in the Box:

Patchouli and warm amber combined with lavender, citrus and rose for a blend of divine creation to activate you chakras.
Top: Lavender, Orange Peel, Lemon
Middle: Cinnamon, Rose, Jasmine
Base: Patchouli, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood
Contains Essential Oils of Patchouli from Indonesia, Orange from United States and Brazil, Cedarwood from United States, + Cinnamon Leaf from Sri Lanka

Infused with: Red Jasper, Tiger's Eye, Citrine, Aventurine, Amazonite, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst

- Chakra Sage: California White Sage with natural Chakra colored rose petals

- Selenite Wand

- Raw Cut Crystals for each Chakra:
Red Jasper- Root Chakra (Mūlādhāra)
Tiger's Eye- Sacral Chakra (Svādhisthāna)

Citrine- Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipūra)
Rose Quartz- Heart Chakra (Anāhata)
Amazonite- Throat Chakra (Viśuddha)

Lapis Lazuli- Third Eye Chakra (Ājñā)
Amethyst- Crown Chakra (Sahasrāra)


OG Apothecary is a modern apothecary and ultimate wellness lifestyle brand that provides you with aromatherapy, skincare, crystals, lifestyle, self care products and much more. Our products are carefully selected and handcrafted by us and by people around the world from the finest all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. We also strive to provide eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.
OG Apothecary was born with the idea of bring back ancient medicines into todays world and make it accessible for everyone to enjoy and benefit from all the healing properties elevating their mind, body, and soul everyday.

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