OG Mystical Box
OG Mystical Box
OG Mystical Box

OG Mystical Box

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OG Mystical Box

Everything think you need to a add bit of mystical magic to your day.

The Box Includes:
- The Exclusive MYSTIQUE Candle (5.5oz)
- Abalone Shell
- Frankincense Incense (8 sticks)
- Palo Santo Wood Sticks (7 sticks)
- Exclusive Floral White Sage (please note flower colors vary in each box)

A mystical combination of sweet and smokey notes with hints of amber, leather, and vanilla.

Top: Smoke, Black Pepper, Cardamom
Middle: Leather, Sandalwood, Incense
Base: Patchouli, Amber, Oud, Vanilla

Infused with: Rainbow Flourite, Amazonite, & Rose Quartz

Heart, Third Eye, & Throat Chakra

100% all natural hand rolled Frankincense incense sticks soaked in Frankincense essential oil and covered with ethically sourced crushed raw Frankincense Hojary Resin. Get the same benefits of Frankincense resins in a convenient stick.

Burns for more than 90 minutes. 8 sticks per order.

An all Natural Seashell tha is used for holding smudge sticks such as sage and Palo Santo.
The interior of each shell has been polished to reveal the beautiful, natural rainbow hues, and to add an unparalleled iridescent shine in the light.

Ethically and sustainably harvested from Peru, Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) or Holy Wood is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. It has cleansing and healing properties, clears negative energy and restores tranquility and calmness.

Premium California White sage (Salvia apiana), also known as sacred sage, is an evergreen native to the Southwestern United States. This herb has been used for centuries by Native Americans in rituals of cleansing and healing where smudging was originated. Burning white sage clears energy and restore balance, for protection and spiritual purification. Smudging sage helps cleanse any space, people and object.

OG Apothecary is a modern apothecary and ultimate wellness lifestyle brand that provides you with aromatherapy, skincare, crystals, lifestyle, self care products and much more. Our products are carefully selected and handcrafted by us and by people around the world from the finest all-natural and sustainably sourced ingredients. We also strive to provide eco-friendly and sustainable packaging.
OG Apothecary was born with the idea of bring back ancient medicines into todays world and make it accessible for everyone to enjoy and benefit from all the healing properties elevating their mind, body, and soul everyday.

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